I welcome my family without any argument

I welcome my family without any argument

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Christmas, emotionally, we are not going to say that this is the easiest time of the year. Especially if you welcome your family - or your in-laws - to your home ... So yes, of course, some are very lucky with their family and in-laws and do not have these kinds of problems - we envy you ! For the others, if there is no miracle cure, let us try to identify these little tense things that we face when we welcome our family at home to better face them and why not find solutions anyway!

They do not leave their shoes in my house!

Your family feels so on vacation when they come to spend a few days with you that they forget the rules of politeness and ravage your household ... Do not get upset, be clear on what you ask your family, namely: qu 'they put on slippers when they’re home Why not make a small poster to put up in the entry decorated with pretty Christmas drawings and saying: "Do not forget to leave your shoes inside". The best? Have slippers available to your guests - we recommend these Christmas slippers found on Asos!

They criticize everything I do!

Your cake is not soft enough, your tablecloth is not ironed well enough, your toilet is not clean enough, your fridge is not tidy ... These little remarks that only the members of your (in-laws) family dare. First of all, keep this in mind: you will not change the members of your (in-laws) family. So we will have to deal with it. Or trick a little. Tip 1: Busy people have less time to criticize We can hardly do several things at the same time, prefer to find activities for your loved ones while they are staying with you, they will no longer find time to send you spikes! For example, offer your guests DIY games to keep the kids busy during the Christmas holidays, unless you prefer to take them on a short tour of your city so that they can discover the surroundings. Tip 2: People involved in preparations are less likely to criticize How to save yourself some derogatory remarks? By including your guests in the holiday preparations - they will be less critical of things in which they themselves have taken part. Give them missions: going to the cheese maker, going to get fruit, making Christmas shortbread, going to get the extensions in the cellar ... And in addition you will save time! Tip 3: essential oils Tip of the last hope: offer yourself - or be offered - a beautiful diffuser of essential oils to diffuse soothing odors. If we had to choose, we would ask for the Cumulus diffuser designed by Constance Guisset for Nature et Découvertes. Because it is very beautiful.

They do nothing to help me!

Let's kill two birds with one stone and take up tip 2 from the previous problem. You will have to offer to-do lists to empower your loved ones who take it easy by watching you do everything alone! Give them rewarding missions to help you in the kitchen or to go shopping. Who knows, working together in the kitchen may bring you closer and in the worst case scenario, sending everyone outside to shop will leave you some quiet time at home.

They leave their stuff lying around the house!

But did you just give them a little space to store their things? Whether you welcome them in a guest bedroom or in your living room, make sure to provide them with storage space: a drawer in a chest of drawers, storage boxes. Let them have their own space so as not to encroach on yours. If you welcome your loved ones in your living room, be intransigent: we fold the sofa bed EVERY morning!

So, are you less afraid of the end of year celebrations now? Find our Christmas ideas on our dedicated board on Pinterest and don't forget to play our great Advent contest: today, for family breakfasts that sing, you can try to win a De'Longhi kettle !


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