A barbecue hidden in a flower pot

A barbecue hidden in a flower pot

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If you do not have much space and you do not want to expose your barbecue to the public, know that there is a new formula 2 in 1 ideal to camouflage it when it is not used. Here is the barbecue-flower pot, ideal in the garden and on the terrace. What if your flower pot turns into a barbecue as you wish? It is now possible with the barbecue-flower pot . It is a flower pot that hides a barbecue inside the pot. In reality, it is only the top element of the pot that accommodates the plant of your choice and that serves as a cover for your barbecue. As soon as you no longer use your barbecue, it becomes a traditional flower pot on your terrace. Besides the aesthetic advantage of this ingenious barbecue, it is also very practical because it is compact. It will easily find its place while decorating the garden. On the practical side, simply clean the pot and the cooking grid with soapy water to remove food residues and find an intact flower pot. Made of stainless steel and insulating ceramic coating. Supplied with stainless steel clamps. Dimensions: height 27 cm and diameter 37 cm. Price: 119 euros. More information and advice on barbecues: News and trends on barbecues, Weber or the art of barbecue, 7 gas barbecues on the test bench.


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