Ideas for using driftwood in decoration

Ideas for using driftwood in decoration

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It is the story of a branch of a tree or the remains of a wreck, pieces of wood that the wind, currents or tides have led to the shore of a body of water or to the beach and that ends… in our decor. If this eco-friendly material is more and more in vogue in our interiors, it is because it brings it a resolutely design and contemporary touch in nature. Here are some ideas for investing in any room in the house.

Natural lighting

Driftwood lamps, whether floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights or chandeliers, are undoubtedly the ones that best embody the trend of this material in decoration. The assembly of branches, planks or wooden washers which constitutes their base is declined under all seams: vertical, horizontal, carefully aligned, unstructured ... Depending on the forms, the style will be rather wise and natural or very design. There are even lamps two or three grafted onto a single base: with driftwood, the creative and artistic spirit takes hold of the place!

Driftwood in furniture…

Furniture also has the right to express its contemporary side or its natural style. Why not invest the space of stools in tree trunks? Inviting nature into the house becomes child's play. We also love the tables whose base is made up of scattered branches. A touch of audacity that brings a trendy style to the living room.

… And in decorative accessories to buy or make yourself

Driftwood doesn't just invest in furniture or lamps. We also like it on frames or mirrors, which the big decoration brands have understood. The most of these two decorative accessories? It's easy to customize them yourself. It is enough to have pieces of wood of similar size, then to stick them on a wooden frame using a glue gun or to screw 4 wooden panels on the outline of a mirror.