The benches are in the foreground

The benches are in the foreground

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Iconic seats in public places, benches are on the rise today in our gardens as well as in our homes, to sit at the table or to take a moment of rest.

A bench in the garden

The benches took over the parks, now they invite themselves into our gardens. To welcome family or friends over a meal, or to chat with their guests in the shade of a tree, these long seats are ideal. To meet all our desires, the designers declined the traditional benches in green wrought iron, in all colors, in other materials such as wood, and in other finishes, from the most classic to the most contemporary. There are also even more innovative benches. The semi-circular seat takes place around a tree trunk to blend completely into nature. Relaxation is at its maximum! The curved polyethylene light cubes can easily be joined together to form a snake: here is a very designer night bench!

… Or inside!

The benches leave the gardens to settle around the dining table. We swap the chairs for a long, narrow seat on which several people can sit. Make way for conviviality! Style wise, there is something for everyone. If your kitchen or dining room is set up in a factory loft atmosphere, opt for a metallic gray stainless steel bench. In an elegant interior, the trend is for a leather bench, while for a more contemporary and design touch, we dare a bench whose seat and feet meet thus forming a flattened oval. Finally, wood is ideal in a chic or traditional country space. Discover our selection of garden benches


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