How to paint two walls side by side in different colors?

How to paint two walls side by side in different colors?

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Question from Gwenaelle


Brico's answer: a paint brush and a painting knife

You can use a special paint tape, but this may cause the paint to go away by removing it, so you have to be very careful. Otherwise you have another solution, you can start painting the lightest wall, slightly overhanging the other. After putting two coats and allowing it to dry for the necessary time, you can work the angle of the two walls. For this you need a round brush to re-fill and a large coating knife to guide you around the corner. Leave 5 mm after the corner of the wall and place the blade of your knife against the wall to be painted. The blade should be well parallel to the angle but offset from it. The remaining 5 millimeters of wall will be in the color of the first wall. You have to wipe the spatula each time to avoid burrs. It is important to take your time, it is always difficult to work angles. Once the angle is achieved, paint your entire wall with a roller. There may be finishes to be done, in this case, take a very small brush to catch any imperfections. You too, send us your decoration question