The decoration with colored ink

The decoration with colored ink

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In recent years, the range of inks has been enriched with many new features and many decorators are using them today, not only for stamp printing or for making patterns and calligraphy with a brush, but also for decoration. mural itself. These colored inks make it possible to achieve very pretty transparency effects of great lightness - this is their main interest compared to paints.

The effects

The inks give you the possibility of making evocations or imitations of marbles, opal, amber, tortoiseshell, agate, malachite, wood (magnifying glass, curly maple) and various marbles, with a transparency not found in classic imitations based on glazes and paints. Here we present an impression intended for a living room, but you can also adapt it with light tones, blue or green for example, for a bedroom: the effect obtained is then softer and more discreet.

Tools and materials

Paint roller Brush with whitewash Stencil brush Smoothing brush (spalter) Containers Stencil Stump Buffing pad Stepladder Water inks Pastel pencil Colors in stick Acrylic paint Enamel paste Wallpaper glue Masking tape

What inks?

Use liquid inks with high color power, which are suitable for brushes, airbrushes, and even rollers. Here we have chosen Fluidine inks (Lefranc & Bourgeois) which offer 32 shades, which can be diluted with water and superimposed. They are found in bottles of 50 or 250 ml, in cases of 6 or 12 assorted bottles. Know-how © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2005