How to recycle a broken mirror (and avoid the 7 years of misfortune)?

How to recycle a broken mirror (and avoid the 7 years of misfortune)?

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What to do with a damaged or end-of-life mirror? Rather than putting it in the trash, we offer you some DIY ideas to recycle it. An afternoon in peace, a few tools and his second life. Here are some great ideas to inspire you!

Build original decorative letters with pieces of mirror

It is not because it is broken that it should be got rid of! In our (over) consumption society we tend to throw away a lot without wondering if another use is possible. Here, the idea is to show you that with a little trick and DIY, we can imagine new objects of the most beautiful effect with pieces of mirror. For example, why not make beautiful decorative letters? Did you just accidentally break a mirror? Start by recovering the biggest shards right away - obviously keeping children and pets away! - being careful not to cut yourself. After checking that the pieces you have isolated do not crumble, stick them on decorative cardboard letters, which you will have painted beforehand. All you have to do is put the letters on a piece of furniture or hang them on the walls!

We hang these letters on the wall for an immediate super bright effect!

Create a DIY faceted vase or flowerpot

To recycle your broken mirror, you can still stick broken glass on a vase (taking care to place them inside the object). Another decorative tip is to place them on a somewhat dull flowerpot. On a terrace or in a garden, the pieces of mirror will reflect the sunlight to make your green space shine!

Your vases and flowerpot will no longer hide!

Decorate or renovate a piece of furniture

Whether you want to revamp an old piece of furniture or customize a chest of drawers that you are getting tired of, do not hesitate to put shards of glass on the drawers and / or the sides of your piece of furniture, mosaic style. It is up to you to more or less space them in order to create original shapes. You can also change the handles to bring an additional decorative touch.

Baroque look guaranteed for these customized dressers!

Design version

Like the designer Noé Duchaufour Lawrance, one can also use the mirror as a material in its own right to create a work of art on one of its walls. You will have to cut your broken mirror pieces into small glass squares using a glass cutter. The mirror is then assembled on the wall using a special glue like a Tetris. We alternate full and empty so as to give the impression that a shower of pixels is falling on the wall. Not easy to achieve but visually extra. We love this set of mirrors!

Noé Duchaufour Lawrance called his creation "Sugar Mirror"

Make… another mirror!

Did you ever think you could make another mirror out of a broken mirror? Well it is quite possible! It is enough to have a sufficiently large shine to act as ice and to add other small broken pieces for the decorative aspect on a support which you will be able to fix on the wall or to pose on a dressing table for example. It is also a good handmade gift idea at a lower cost.

A mirror work of art in which to reflect