Tutorial: recycle old books to make an original bedside table

Tutorial: recycle old books to make an original bedside table

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If like me you have a hard time throwing a book in principle but you also don't have unlimited storage space, I may have a good compromise for you with this tutorial! Ok, the books will no longer be really usable, but they will have a nice second life in your interior, I promise.


- old books - a spray paint - a hammer - nails

Budget: 20 euros Duration: 30 minutes


1. To start, create a pile with the books according to the desired rendering. I advise you to start with one or two large books at the base, which will guarantee good stability. Then nail the books together using a hammer, starting from the wrong side for the first book. You will see, it is very simple!

2. Continue raising the stack of books by nailing them together. When it comes to thick books like in my case with the Quid, also nail the pages together inside. In this way, everything will be more stable and solid.

3. Continue to the desired rendering. For the last book, I advise you not to nail the cover so as not to have any visible screw, the result will be more fun.

4. Once the whole thing is solid, it's time to paint! The most effective is to use a spray paint, this will allow you to have a homogeneous rendering and access to all the small corners. Hold the bomb about six inches from the books and start to bomb. A word of advice, forget the spray paint sold a fortune in DIY stores and favor the spray usually used by graffiti artists. They cost much less and have a much lower flow rate, which greatly facilitates the control of the spray!


And here it is, it is not more complicated than that! After having tested several colors, I advise you to stay on white or on pastel colors. I use it as a bedside table, but to tell the truth, the effect is very nice also in a living room or an office, you see! I forgot, regarding painting, be sure to do it in a well ventilated area and use a mask. Won't this bedside table look great in your bedroom?

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