Gift ideas for a glamorous mom

Gift ideas for a glamorous mom

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Some mothers do not forget to be women and opt for a very glamorous style that highlights their femininity. To please all these mothers, we choose feminine and elegant gifts!

Elegant shapes

For glamorous gifts, we put on round shapes and beautiful curves. The objects are poetic and harmonious for a warm and elegant interior. The essential accessories for a glamorous mom? A soft sofa like velvet, a mirror that makes it even more beautiful, lighting for a cozy atmosphere in the living room…

Feminine furniture

In the bedroom, we opt for a dressing table, synonymous with moments just for her, unless we choose a cozy bathrobe for the bath. And to display femininity and glamor on the walls, we put on a table representing Marilyn or on the wall stickers of the artist Miss Tic which highlight the woman.

A glamorous color code

As for colors, prefer chic tones! Why not an alliance of black and silver for a contemporary and feminine decor? The most exuberant will choose a touch of baroque by adding red or pink. And the materials should be soft and shimmering with reflections that enhance the soft light of the room. Discover a selection of gifts for glamorous moms: Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"