What lighting for a living room?

What lighting for a living room?

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Lighting is very important in a living room, especially since you spend a lot of time there for various activities. Comfortably seated on your sofa, you are looking for the best way to enjoy this moment of relaxation while reading a book. A floor lamp or a reading light can help you savor this moment. These lights can, for example, make your life and reading easier thanks to an adapted light. Here are our tips for choosing the right lights for your living room.

The floor lamp: a safe bet at the show

Contemporary or classic style, the floor lamps are particularly suitable for lighting in the living room. This lighting adapts to all the universes and allows to diffuse a light important enough to illuminate all or a good part of the room, unlike accent lamps or table lamps. There are also swivel or steerable models that allow you to focus the light as you wish.

Choose your fixture according to the style of the room

For a modern and up-to-date style, opt for a floor lamp in black or white tones. For a refined style, do not hesitate to choose a Tiffany style floor lamp with white and red clusters on a green and yellow background that will offer a dim light. If you want to create a very natural world, opt for a floor lamp whose base is in bundles of branches, tree trunk or twisted driftwood.

Adopt a thousand and one shapes lamp

Beyond its straight or extensible aspect, a floor lamp or a lamp has a particular shape which must blend into the decoration of your interior. Prefer a rounded shape like for example a rod in a bent round tube or an oval shape, which invite relaxation and well-being if you want to have a Zen piece. On the contrary, a very design or minimalist lamp will find its place in an elegant and sophisticated living room while copper suspensions will be perfect in a contemporary interior.

Add additional light sources

Apart from your main light, do not hesitate to install other light sources to create a more cozy atmosphere. More functional and practical, the articulated reading lamp with offset or telescopic arm has the advantage of producing an oriented light projecting a concentrated and precise halo in order to facilitate reading. Both modern and practical, this system ensures ease in the articulation and orientation of light in the living room.