When concrete comes into the bathroom

When concrete comes into the bathroom

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Integrating concrete in the bathroom is a wise and aesthetic choice. This decorative and simple to install material brings a new way of seeing the space and can slip into several elements of the bathroom. On the walls, a basin, around the shower, on accessories or even in the bathtub, there is no shortage of uses! The room will appear larger and more beautiful, the proof with these irresistible concrete bathrooms.

Concrete walls in the bathroom

Aesthetic and easy to maintain, concrete helps keep the bathroom beautiful and clean. Forget mold and gaskets, the material is resistant and requires very little maintenance. It complies with all requirements to create a unique and authentic space as well as a shade that suits you since there are many colors depending on your personality and the style of your room.

Simple to install, concrete plaster does not require any particular skills in terms of preparation and application. You therefore do not necessarily need to call in a professional, but you will need to have on hand a few tools such as a balance, a stainless steel trowel, a painter's knife, a turbine (mounted on a power drill), and a sponge for the glued finish.

Put concrete around the tub

You can also enhance an immaculate bathtub by surrounding it with a nice concrete covering that you can extend on the floor and on a wall. If you want to apply a plaster, first prepare your support (whether new or old, tiled or cement), possibly plugging holes and other cracks that can affect the strength of the support.

A concrete shower

On the shower walls, concrete is perfect because it provides ideal protection in a humid room. You can cover the entire surface of your shower or play on friezes and contrasts by concreting only part of your shower corner. Its anthracite gray hue will go very well with a stainless steel shower head.

Dress up a sink area

Do you want to give your washbasin a facelift? Know that the concrete harmonizes very well in this part of the bathroom. You can opt for a concrete basin or cover your worktop with waxed concrete to bring out a white basin for example.

To customize everything, adopt small gray accessories such as a toothbrush glass or a soap dish.


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