Tips for keeping soup longer

Tips for keeping soup longer

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The soups are back as soon as the temperatures drop. But, they can turn quickly if they are not stored properly, especially if they contain dairy products. Jars, special containers for the fridge, freezing ... We have gathered storage and storage tips to be able to taste your soup for a week instead of the 3-4 days that it can generally be spent in the refrigerator. Follow the guide !

Store your soup in jars

The essential accessory to keep your soup in the fridge longer is the jar. Use old jars of jam if you don't have them on hand and pour the rest of your soup in, making sure to close the lid. If you have put eggs or fresh cream in your preparation, do not keep it more than two days in the fridge. Otherwise, you can consume it without problem for a week.

Do not leave your soup in a large saucepan

After serving the soup, one is tempted to put the pan directly in the refrigerator. But beware, you risk developing bacteria in your device! Do not leave a broth in a large pot because the air may infiltrate, oxidize the vegetables and affect the taste of the soup. So prefer a container of suitable size that you will cover with a lid or cling film or glass jars with the Hutchinson branded washer.

Put your soup in the freezer

Freezing the soup is still the most sustainable method because you can taste it for three months. Place your soup in airtight Tupperware-type boxes without filling them to the end because they could overflow with a negative temperature. Some models go directly to the microwave to heat your broth quickly. You can also store soup in small glass bottles (but especially not in plastic, under penalty of explosion!).

Transport your soup properly

If you want to take soup for your lunch break, pay attention to its transport. To prevent it from turning, put it in an airtight container with a tightly saddled lid and preferably in an insulated bag to keep it cool. To transport baby soup while traveling or on a getaway with friends, remember to put the broth in small plastic bottles that will keep carefree in the refrigerator.