Our selection of decorative objects in wool and crochet

Our selection of decorative objects in wool and crochet

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1. Bisho braided round pouf La Redoute Interieurs € 79.99 2. Sweet Maya hand-knitted gray teapot cover available on Etsy € 19.43 3. Natural knitted wooden stool Josef Interior Discount € 29.99 4. Galette de chair or floor cushion in 100% natural wool felt Home Objects Lamali for sale on Amazon € 44.80 5. Amadeus cocooning knitted sheep knit plaid At the gates of decoration € 64 6. Ludde Ikea 39 gray wool sheepskin rug , € 95 7. Blanket in the shape of a Bang Good knitting mermaid tail € 27.69 8. Delamaison red brushed woolen sieve curtain € 59.90 9. Baby's Only beige baby storage basket on sale on Amazon 39 , € 16 10. La Redoute Interieurs Button crochet cushion cover € 19.99

Knitting: the trend of the moment

Decorative woolen and crochet objects invade every room in the house. Resolutely trendy, they can be placed in the living room as well as in the bathroom, passing through an adult or child's bedroom. If you think these accessories are expensive, think again! There are many pieces of furniture and small objects (carpet, plaid, cushion ...) for less than 100 euros. You can also invest in a warm piece of furniture for the winter like the essential knitted stool or a soft and colorful pouffe.

A very sweet decor

Beyond these elements which are an integral part of the furnishings of a room, crochet objects can also be hidden in the kitchen with a chewable teapot cover, in the living room or on a balcony with a chair pad. knitted or in the little ones' bedroom or in the bathroom thanks to a baby storage box.


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