I tested for you: Cooking using a vacuum wrapper

I tested for you: Cooking using a vacuum wrapper

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Cooking with a vacuum wrapper: surprising, isn't it? Many chefs use vacuum packaging to enhance their dishes. Discover how the vacuum packaging machine can also become your ally for the preparation of your recipes.

An aesthetic and intuitive wrapper

To perform this test, I used the FoodSaver FFS005X vacuum packaging machine. In addition to being very aesthetic, it is a very practical model of use, which allows you to use ready-made bags or to make custom bags using rollers. The settings are simplified by buttons that allow you to adjust the sensitivity and the humidity to be absorbed. Getting started is therefore very easy. The icing on the cake, this vacuum packaging machine can be stored vertically to save space!

How to use the vacuum packaging machine for cooking?

If you don't have a steam oven or one that can cook at low temperatures, having a vacuum wrapper can allow you to cook at low temperatures. Thanks to the hermetic vacuuming of food, it can easily be immersed in a liquid without being damaged. You will be able to cook your meat, fish, previously vacuum-packed, in water at low temperature for several hours without damaging them. On the contrary, this method of cooking will reveal the great flavors of your food. You can also pack cut fruits after cooking or terrines so that they can keep their shape while they cool. They will keep their pretty shapes, without the risk of sagging or falling apart in the fridge. They will be perfectly preserved to make magnificent plates.

The vacuum wrapper: new kitchen utensil

Thanks to the wrapper, bring perfume and flavors to your dishes!

So I tested for you the creation of a saltimbocca salmon (lack of tuna) and its express risotto with basil, recipe provided by FoodSaver. In this recipe the vacuum wrapper will allow the aromas to concentrate to reveal themselves during tasting. So I wanted to judge for myself this effectiveness: will my taste buds be upset? If successful, it promises a good little meal tonight.

Ingredients :

For the fish - 400g of yellowfin tuna (or 4 salmon fillets for my test) - 8 sage leaves - 4 thin slices of speck ham (Italian smoked ham) For the risotto - 200g of pearl rice or Arborio - 40cl of vegetable broth - 8 tips of green asparagus - 80g of fresh shelled (or frozen) peas - 30g of parmesan - 20g of semi-salted butter - 1 bunch of basil - 1 organic lemon (use zest) - 1 drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

Lemon and basil: a wonderful olfactory marriage

Risotto seasoning

I start with the preparation of the risotto condiment. I place in a food processor: parmesan, butter, lemon zest and all the basil leaves, which I mix roughly. I then place the result obtained in an airtight box (supplied with the wrapper), so that the flavors are concentrated.

Making the salmon cutlets

On a board, I cut the salmon cutlets (previously thawed overnight) in half thick and place a thin slice of speck between the two salmon cutlets. I finish my editing by delicately placing two sage leaves on top, for the final touch. I can't wait to taste this daring blend. This is when the vacuum wrapper comes into play!

The vacuum allows to keep the salmon paupiette in shape. Then I plug in the wrapper, open it with its button on the side. I unroll enough film to create a bag the size of my cutlets, then I close the hood (the green power-on light comes on) and press the automatic welding button. Then I open the machine again and use the integrated cutter to cut the bag made to the right dimensions. I place the salmon cutlet in the center of the vacuum bag, place the end of the bag above the humidity collector (small green container on the front of the machine). I close the machine, select the suction force and the humidity dose to be sucked (here fragile product and average humidity). The selection is very simple, you press the button once or twice and a small green LED lights up next to each small drawing representing the action. I press the vacuum button and hop like magic the air comes out of my little bag as well as the water rejected by the fish. The suction stop is automatic, as is the sealing of the bag at the end of the process. This operation is repeated for each escalope. Lo and behold, the scents of ham and sage can permeate the salmon cutlet while I finish preparing the recipe.

Risotto preparation

I boil the water to dissolve my cube of vegetable broth in it, before pouring in the rice and letting it cook for 8 minutes (if you take frozen peas, like me, put them in the pan as soon as start of cooking). Then I add the asparagus tips and continue cooking for 3 minutes. Off the heat, I add the butter-basil-lemon-parmesan mixture, to the risotto and stir until the mixture is smooth (be careful not to break your asparagus tips). The smell from the pan is to die for.

Does this plate not make your mouth water?

The final touch

I open the bags containing the salmon cutlets, a scent of land and sea, spreading to my nostrils. I fry the cutlets for a few moments in a drizzle of olive oil to give them a nice color (the vacuum allowed them to keep a nice shape). I have two beautiful tablespoons of risotto in the bottom of a soup plate and have the salmon on it.

Real ease of use


An excellent recipe, easy to make and subtle flavors that blend perfectly. The salmon really took on the smoky taste of speck and the peculiar scent of sage. As for risotto, this lemon butter with basil, it is an excellent idea which is also sufficient in itself, for a faster recipe. The FoodSaver FFS005X vacuum packaging machine is really an easy product to use, but also to clean. I was able to easily wash the small juice collector by removing it from the machine. For a first use of this product, the handling was very simple, thanks to the automation of many functions. There are few buttons, few things to manipulate to use it and that's a real pleasure.

The advantages of this wrapper:

Being able to store it vertically is very practical, because it is quite wide (64cm). This large width also makes it possible to pack large pieces of meat, a whole fish or even asparagus, without having to cut them. What spoils nothing, an aesthetic and practical design. The black color and the aluminum blend well and the little touch of green brings the modern side to the device. It has many accessories and functionalities: 3 suction speeds, 2 welding levels, a compartment for storing the roller, an integrated cutter, a removable and dishwasher-safe container, manual suction, a storage box, etc.

The least:

Few things to blame for this vacuum packaging machine. Only its price is a little high. Its number of features and size surely explain the price. FoodSaver FFS005X Vacuum Wrapper, € 199.99 I don't know about you, but I think I will succumb to the call of the vacuum wrapper! To discover the other advantages of this device, you can read our article on the vacuum packaging machine. Try to win a superb FoodSaver vacuum packaging machine, thanks to our contest: S8577638W650 N


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