How to live with your dog?

How to live with your dog?

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Are you the best friend of animals or have given in to your children's pleas? Whether you have just welcomed a puppy home or have lived with this four-legged family member for a long time, living with a dog takes some planning. Whether your companion is a small size or a beautiful animal, living with this pet requires that we adjust its lifestyle a little. Your home should accommodate your animal as well as possible, but you don't have to do a menagerie! We give you some tips so that cohabitation with your dog happens in the best way.

We put everything away!

A puppy or even a dog, if you are not present all day with him will look for something to distract in your whole house! Carpets, cables, trinkets are all distractions for him when you are away. You will quickly learn, having a pet dog is the ideal pretext for organizing your interior. First, observe your interior and reassemble all the trinkets, accessories, books by one level! This four-legged being who lives with you is able to nibble on everything that is close to his nose due to boredom. So store these items in boxes if your shelves are full. You have to free the floor space at all costs to avoid unpleasant surprises when you get home. Likewise, you had well accommodated the cables that had invaded your environment by postponing the fact of hiding them to improve the aesthetics of your interior. No more excuses, electric wires are a great snack toy for your dog. It is therefore more than time for you to invest in cable grommets, trunking, cable passage. You kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand, you protect the wires of your electrical equipment from your dog's canines and on the other hand, finally, you have a floor that no longer looks like an accumulation of unsightly cables.

Your dog would like you to always be with him ...

You're excited about your new pair of shoes and love to go home and put on your cozy slippers. That's good: all the shoes you wear everyday are stored in your hallway, within walking distance! You will quickly learn, after finding your ballerinas or your nibbled boots, that it is now compulsory for you to put your shoes away. Dogs love them, they like to gnaw them as much as hide them. In both cases, there too, your pet will push you to become more organized. We invest for example in shelves to mount in closets, we choose a suitable shoe cabinet, to take advantage of this new organization. In this way, you protect your shoes and free up floor space to restore your entry to its primary use, without it being an unsightly storage space.

Working with a dog? It's possible - well, it all depends on the size of your dog

A space for your dog

At the same time to organize yourself as well as possible but also to welcome your dog in all serenity, it is important to allocate him a space which is entirely dedicated to him. Dogs need to feel secure and this requires some form of stability. So choose to give it a place just for him, whether it's a niche outside or a corner of your house. Ideally, if your dog lives with you inside your accommodation, choose a ventilated room, in an easy-to-clean area and therefore away from the passage, avoiding to post it near a door or a radiator. Dogs like to sleep, like to curl up in a basket. Opt for a plastic basket rather than the wicker baskets which are more difficult to clean, always thinking that it is necessary above all to focus on hygiene and to be able to easily wash the basket of your companion. Similarly, choose a blanket that you can wash at high temperature and whose weight is supported by your washing machine!

No need for a basket, your bed will be perfect - or not ...

Then, depending on where you want to store your food, rather than piling up bags of kibble, you can customize an old piece of furniture to store food and use boxes to store your brushing kit, leash and his necklace. Note that if you lack space for a piece of furniture, the plastic boxes keep the kibble very well. For its bowls of water and food, bet on the practicality of these accessories and once again opt for materials that wash easily and especially that are difficult to break! Large dogs are sometimes abrupt and will quickly break their bowls if they are not made of metal or plastic. There are also bowls provided with non-slip because a hungry dog ​​can drag its bowl throughout the house! Besides, prefer them with an integrated rim, because our canine friends are greedy and often can dirty all around their bowl. You can also add a plastic tray under their bowl, to prevent this kind of inconvenience. With all these tips, you will discover that living with a dog requires a little organization. But your faithful companion is also the ideal pretext for not putting off all the little improvements you wanted to make to your accommodation!