How to create a carpet with carpet?

How to create a carpet with carpet?

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For a decor that looks like you, opt for the unique and custom-made and that even for your carpet! Discover three options for dressing the floor in an original way by creating your own carpet:

Hotel style decor

For a soft and luxurious decoration in the style of large hotels, we adopt a carpet path for the stairs but also for corridors of good length such as corridors. The carpet path will highlight the corridor while providing comfort. You have understood, it is not a question of covering the entire floor with carpet but of tracing a path using a strip which will guide the steps of your guests. The advantage? Heel noises will be completely absorbed.

Carpet tiles are great

Rather than opting for a traditional carpet, bet on a patchwork of carpet tiles for a very graphic effect. Choose flashy colors like pink, yellow, green or red: it will be ideal for waking up an interior or for decorating a studio or a teenage bedroom. You can arrange the squares as you see fit and change the decor as often as you want. It's up to you to have fun!

It's up to you to create your carpet

If you feel the soul of a designer, Saint-Maclou offers to create your custom carpet in a few clicks. You can choose from a multitude of patterns and materials. Select your dimensions and visualize the result in situation. Once your carpet has been validated, you will receive your personal creation 8 weeks later.