What to put on a coffee table?

What to put on a coffee table?

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The coffee table often (too) comes down to a footstool where TV magazines and remote controls pile up. A real tragedy for this piece of furniture with an underestimated decorative potential. So what to put on your coffee table? Here are some ideas.

Beautiful books stacked on the coffee table

Whether you are fond of cinema, music or even art, it is always pleasing to the eye to see two or three magnificent books with carefully worked covers piled up. Works with thick paper and beautiful images that will naturally invite your guests to leaf through them on the coffee table.

A beautiful plant

A simple and majestic orchid in a pot always has its small effect. As we know, a plant effectively dresses and decorates a room. If your coffee table is small, avoid big pots; a trilogy of small cactuses, for example, will do just fine.


The possibilities are endless and should be considered depending on the configuration of your coffee table. If some will adopt a single candle with a massive strand, others will prefer to multiply the small candles (why not place them on a nice tray?). Be careful, however, not to occupy all the space.

One or more vases

Neither too light nor too heavy, to anticipate falls. A trio of small vases of different sizes, in ceramic for example, will decorate your coffee table in the blink of an eye. Otherwise, opt for the classic glass or crystal vase, to fill with cut flowers as you wish, provided you keep rowdy pets and young children away.


Prefer a trinket or two depending on the size of the first. It is not a question of transforming your coffee table into a showcase, it must remain functional for everyday life. A pretty wooden sculpture, a worked figurine brought back from Africa… The choice is yours!

Trash can

Because the generous fruit basket is not attached to the kitchen or the dining table. If the space available on your coffee table is not sufficient, opt for a pretty saucer filled with nuts or for a potpourri.