Recover: our decor ideas with an old door!

Recover: our decor ideas with an old door!

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Old doors can have a charm or turn into a very practical installation. Depending on the type of door, its beauty or the wood that composes it, you can show your imagination and give it new life. To help you, here are some decorative ideas to make with an old door.

A revisited headboard

Have you recovered or hunted down an old wooden door? Do you want to exploit the beauty of this piece in an original way? No problem ! You just have to transform it into a headboard. The format is ideal! To do this, it is advisable to thoroughly clean the door. If it is damaged, do not hesitate to sand it and then apply a layer of varnish. You can also repaint it in more modern tones. Of course, the door can be fixed to the wall but know that it can also be simply posed without risk because it is held by the bed and the bedside tables!

An outstanding planter

Some old doors are very pretty and it is a shame not to highlight them. Know that with a few wooden boards, which you can varnish with the color of the recovered door, you can create an incredible planter. The bottom is placed at the bottom of the door and will be filled with a green plant, flowered or not, which will gain height. In the living room or outdoors, this installation will be a real asset. Note that if you plan to install this planter outside, it will be necessary to apply a protective layer on the door and the boards that make up the tray.

A practical cloakroom

Old doors are sturdy and can become furniture. You can for example create a cloakroom for your entry. To do this, you must first prepare the door and therefore if necessary, sand it, varnish or paint it. Then fix it on the wall. Then, it must be installed on both sides of the hooks. Black metal models are the most suitable. On the central part, you can put a small mirror and at the foot a bench or a bench to take off your shoes more easily.

A beautiful mirror

A very beautiful old door can become a very beautiful mirror. Once again, your first task will be to properly prepare the door so that it is fully usable. Then you will need to attach a mirror to it. This should have the shape of the door but smaller so that the wood remains very present. In all good DIY stores, you will find a wide choice of mirrors. In some stores, you can even have them cut! Attach the mirror to the door and then the old door to the wall! A more recent and basic door can also be used! It is easy to cover it with a self-adhesive coating, to paint or decorate it. Then place it on trestles and you are with a desk or a side table. You can also paint it, attach pots and create a green wall.