6 grandmother tips for cleaning your mattress

6 grandmother tips for cleaning your mattress

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Tip 1: soda crystals

If they require some precautions for use (to read on the instructions for use), the soda ash (sold in supermarkets or drugstores) are a powerful disinfectant capable of dissolving mattress stains the most stubborn, like theblood spots. It is not for nothing that they are loved by a large number of grandmothers and families around the world ... To remove the ugly stains from your mattress, you just need to pour in a bowl the equivalent of 'a cup of soda, then fill the container with hot water. Dilute everything well. Take a sponge, soak it in the mixture and rub it insistently on dirty places. Then rinse the area with a sponge previously moistened, then wrung out (or use a glove moistened with water). All you have to do is let your mattress air dry. Magic !

Tip 2: washing up liquid

A formidable tip against stains! Just mix hot water with dishwashing liquid and clean your mattress with the mixture. Once the mattress has been rinsed (with a damp glove for example), let it dry for several hours.

Tip 3: white vinegar (or household alcohol)

The White vinegar does wonders when it comes to cleaning! Again, it is your best ally for cleaning up nasty stains on your mattress. Pour 500 ml of white vinegar, 200 ml of warm water and the equivalent of two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid into a bowl. Then soak a clean sponge in this mixture. Wring it out carefully. Then rub. Take care to extend the cleaning beyond the stains to avoid the appearance of halos. Rinse the surface using a second sponge previously moistened and carefully wrung out. Finally, rub with a dry cloth to remove the maximum of humidity and allow to air dry.

Tip 4: ammonia

Ammonia is also a magic ingredient to clean your mattress! To remove ugly stains and avoid halos, start by filling a basin with lukewarm water. Add a few drops of dish soap and the equivalent of a cup ofammonia, while taking care to respect the precautions for use of the product. Then clean the stain on the mattress, using a sponge impregnated with this mixture. Leave on for ten minutes, then rinse the area with a second sponge previously moistened and carefully wrung out. It is done ? Finally, dry the mattress.

Tip 5: talc

Are your mattress cleaning and rinsing finished? Don't forget the step of talc ! It will remove bad odors and give a sweet scent to your mattress. Great if you fear that bad smells will persist! After rinsing your mattress, simply sprinkle the freshly cleaned area with talc. Then let the powder absorb the moisture throughout the day. In the evening, all you have to do is vacuum the talcum residue. And here you are with a clean mattress, like new, smelling good!

Tip n ° 6: optimal drying

Cleaning your mattress is good. It is still necessary let it dry well after ... Indeed, an improperly dried mattress can indeed be synonymous with humidity and mold harmful to your health ... To ensure proper drying, prefer cleaning your mattress in the morning. This will have time to dry during the day. Once the mattress stain has been cleaned, also remember to scrub the treated area with a clean towel. Then let it dry near a ajar window. Finally, if you have time, you can also speed up the process, by drying the mattress with the warm breath of your hair dryer. Finally, do not make the bed again until the evening comes after making sure that the mattress is dry! Capiche?