Which mattress for which box spring?

Which mattress for which box spring?

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Sleeping well depends on the quality of the box spring and the mattress. You still have to know how to choose the right combo to ensure quality sleep without torturing your back. Here are our tips for choosing the right mattress for your box spring.

What mattress for a slatted base?

Several options are available for the slatted base, ideal for people looking for excellent ventilation or suffering from back pain. First option: the foam mattress, extra firm and hypoallergenic. The advantage of this type of mattress? It maintains the spine while marrying the different parts of the body. In addition, the life of the foam mattress is excellent with regard to its quality / price ratio. The second option is that of the latex mattress, a natural material which removes allergies but also bacteria. The last option for a slatted base is the spring mattress (wool, silk, foam, etc.). A mattress appreciated for its freshness (it benefits from a natural ventilation system in addition to keeping mites away). To know : the more springs the foam mattress, the more the comfort will be there.

What mattress for an box spring?

The box spring can very well be made up of slats (covered or exposed) or springs. As its name suggests, it is covered with a protective and solid fabric, and attracts customer favors for its aesthetic and decorative side. Several combinations work. Thus, a box spring with springs combined with a spring mattress provides very pleasant flexibility in terms of body support. As for the slatted box spring, it goes perfectly with the foam mattress. Did you know ? The mattress absorbs two thirds of our movements at night. Like the box spring, it changes approximately every ten years.