Studio Roof, the colorful cardboard for children

Studio Roof, the colorful cardboard for children

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After the cardboard furniture, decoration and cardboard toys. Since 2005, Romy and Ilya are inspired by "the beauty of childhood, imagination, nature, people from around the world, art and crafts" to create toys and decorative objects in cardboard.

Bestsellers: the colorful cardboard house for children

Studio Roof is launched with this cardboard house. Even today, this original cabin is the brand's flagship object. It occupies the room of a good number of children and has since been declined in many other objects such as the doll's house. By moving away from the cabin, the brand has made way for other cardboard toys that are just as decorative.

Cardboard animals from Studio Roof

Animals occupy a large place in the fun colored cardboard objects imagined by Romy and Ilya. We find in the toy collection all possible animals, from horse to lion through the giraffe and the deer.

The mobiles

The Studio Roof collections also offer decorative elements for your children's room. We love this pretty bird mobile.