Zoom on the small wind turbine

Zoom on the small wind turbine

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We are talking more and more about wind energy. But do you know that you can install a wind turbine on a personal basis? What you need to know before getting started.

What is the small wind turbine?

Small wind turbines are machines that can have different uses: producing electricity in an isolated site, producing electricity to resell it to EDF, but also pumping or desalinating water for crops.

The advantages of small wind turbines

It is free and non-polluting energy. The small wind turbine makes it possible to have current in a site not served by EDF. Wind energy can also help to become independent from its electricity supplier. It eliminates the need for network power outages. It can reduce electricity bills. It can be a very good complement to photovoltaics.

The requirements for installing a wind turbine

Winds of at least 15 km / h are required, and no obstacles to the flow of the wind such as buildings or trees. Beware of classified sites, nearby historic monuments or the passage of protected birds. Check with your municipality.

Administrative authorizations

Below 12 meters high, no authorization is required. Above 12 meters, you need a building permit. And beyond 50 meters, there must be a public inquiry.


Choose a quality wind turbine and ensure that it is installed in compliance with all safety rules. It is also better to take out a maintenance contract to keep the wind turbine in its optimal working condition. Inform your neighbors of your project, because you have to take into account the impact of your wind turbine on the landscape. In general, it is installed at a distance equal to at least once or twice its height


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