My desk in the bedroom

My desk in the bedroom

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A desk in a child's room

Indispensable in a child's room, the desk must have three essential characteristics: - have a tray large enough so that your child can have the place to put several books, his coloring pencils and a multitude of other small things. - practical storage elements so that he can organize himself and easily find all the things he will need. - a nice look and in accordance with his tastes so that homework time goes as well as possible. Also think about the positioning of the desk in the room. In fact, a well-lit desk will help your child enjoy working. Last detail that is important: it is essential to adapt the size of the desk to the child's room because he must be able to keep his play space.

An office in a teenage bedroom

Teens like to personalize their office, so don't hesitate to involve them in their bedroom layout. Against the wall, facing a window or under a mezzanine bed, it is the entire bedroom that must be taken into account to create an atmosphere that will encourage him at work. Choose a model large enough and functional to facilitate storage and organization. Do not forget to match a comfortable and adjustable armchair so that it can be used for several years. Finally, think of the sockets, because at this age, the computer becomes essential and it is important that it can install it easily. Let your teen express their creativity and decorate their desks to their liking. Nothing better than a magnetic or cork panel to display all the photos taken with friends.

An office in an adult room

The most important thing when setting up your desk in your bedroom is to delimit the spaces. Because by bringing your work corner into your sleeping area, you could disturb your rest. To keep the room clear, the layout of the office must be done using tips for minimum space. So we choose a light and design model, we adapt the size of the office to its needs. Make sure you provide enough storage so that your desk area does not invade your bed.

Rather than choosing a desk with bulky and bulky lockers, we opt for a basic desk without drawers and we install wall shelves above the desk. So the work accessories stay close at hand and space is saved. In the best of cases, it is necessary to turn your back on the bed to concentrate. We therefore place the desk against a wall opposite the bed or in an angle between two facades. If the space is limited or the desk has no other possible location than being placed next to the bed, consider using a shelf that will serve as both storage for accessories and partition.