How to integrate the stone in my corridor?

How to integrate the stone in my corridor?

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We cross the corridor, we don't live there. But that does not prevent it from being given a real decorative touch. Stone, more and more used to decorate walls and floors of interiors, arises well there!

Stone, a natural cachet

A natural stone corridor, pure charm! Stone, by its hues and its reliefs, gives an unequaled aesthetic dimension, whether you put it on the floor or on the walls. According to your tastes, four families of stone can decorate your corridor: granite, marble, slate and limestone. Hello colors and effects, goodbye dull and abandoned corridor! On the price side, count between 30 and 150 € per m² depending on the type of stone. To know… The installation of natural stones must be taken care of by a professional: tiler, stone installer or marbler. After laying, the natural stone receives anti-stain and water-repellent treatments.

When the stone makes its show

Facing stone is increasingly used for floor and wall coverings. Made from plaster, concrete, basalt, reconstituted stone or minerals, this material looks like it can be mistaken for natural stone and exists in multiple shades. Its advantage? Easy installation, from tiles or tiles. On the budget side, count between 20 and 70 € per m² depending on its basic components.

A successful decoration with stone

Stone is above all the guarantee of a successful decor! Take for example a brick-like stone wall, long assimilated to factories and industrial buildings. Brick is today an essential decorative element that manufacturers brilliantly personalize. Another family of highly decorative stones, quartz, rocky or even mountain stones, which will bring colors and very attractive effects to your corridor. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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