And you ? Got Brandt's Spout?

And you ? Got Brandt's Spout?

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I looked for a long time for the catchy title, the relevant play on words, the intelligent approach, the subtle allusion. And then I gave up ... With a product called Spout, what can we add? Sometimes I feel like I've been around household appliances a bit, to know all the innovations and when someone talks to me about something revolutionary, I reply, almost tired, "Already seen!". That's when the Spout came. Brandt's Spout is revolutionary. Spout will change your life. Spout will transform your vision of the world. I even think there will be a before and an after Spout. Forgive me but just writing the word Spout , I have a smile on my lips.

But first, what is a Spout?

Here's a GF Spout:

But you can also prefer the Spout BO:

Or the UV Spout:

And finally fall for Spout OF:

Who recognized in this non-flying but unidentified object the new Brandt microwave? Because it is indeed a microwave! Perhaps a product designer at Brandt woke up one morning saying "Down with the dictatorship of the rectangular microwave! The future is in the round!". Maybe, maybe ... And why round? Brandt suggests that with its 360 ° transparent dome, it offers maximum visibility for cooking control. In this case, in order not to crease them, we should avoid telling them that in current microwaves the tray rotates and that we therefore also have maximum visibility. More interesting, Brandt also indicates that with its revolutionary design, the Spout has a small footprint while keeping a large capacity with its tray of 28 cm. How? 'Or' What ? Don't you have Brandt's Sputnik yet?