Test: the Badabulle Baby Station

Test: the Badabulle Baby Station

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Last week I received a baby food mixer-robot: the Baby Station in Badubulle. Like the Babycook of Beaba or the Bébédélice of Babymoov, the Baby Station will give you the opportunity to cook small sweet and savory dishes for your child. Listening only to my professionalism, and the screams of my 14 month old son too, I therefore tested this product.

The Bébé Station allows you to steam, mix and reheat. Unlike one of its well-known competitors, this baby robot is made up of two tanks, one for heating and the other for mixing. Suddenly, we lose space optimization. On the other hand, we gain a recuperator of cooking juice, which is very practical when we have to mix food with cooking water and dose as well as possible.

Use the mixing bowl which is graduated to fill the cooking tank, then place the cooking juice collector and the cooking basket in which you have placed the food (photo 1). Close with the steamer bell and press the button, the hard part is done! Twelve minutes later - I stayed in front to check the time but an indicator light indicates the end of cooking - you can collect your food using the tongs (photo 2) and transfer it to the mixing bowl. A few presses on the mixer button later (20 seconds maximum to avoid overheating) you get a very smooth compote or mash (photo 3)!

So I improvised this Baby Crumble, made watch in hand in 15 minutes. Peel and seed a pear and an apple. Steam them and mix them with a little honey. Pour into a container. Then mix two baby cookies and sprinkle the crumbs on the compote. Finally wait for the right temperature and treat baby!

We love

- The price: around € 75 according to my research, which makes it one of the cheapest baby food mixer-mixers on the market (its competitors are around € 100) - The guarantee: a 5-year guarantee, it allows you to see coming and to avoid having a screaming baby and a broken device (at 5 years old, rest assured, the child is more patient). The best known of this kind of device has only one year warranty.

WE love

- The principle: like all other food processor mixers, we totally adhere! - The design: on paper, we must admit, we were not very excited but when it arrived, the Bébé Station knew how to charm. - The cooking water collector: do not have to transfer the cooking water to another container to be able to recover the mixing bowl. Those who know will understand what I am talking about. It reduces the risk of burns for the mom and it also counts. - The pliers: Another security for the mom (or the dad of course). The useful utensil allowing to take the cooking tank to transfer to the mixing bowl. In addition it has Doctor Maboul or Professor Sunflower, it's nice!

We like less

- Dimensions: 30 cm in length. Must say what is, we have known smaller. - The (in) removable blade: When it's for baby, I like to wash thoroughly. The mixing blade is said to be removable, but after several unsuccessful attempts (and the fear of cutting myself) I gave up. Suddenly, cleaning the blade and the surface below is a real challenge.

We laugh

- Facing my stupidity: I thought the power cord was only 42 cm. When you don't have your catch at the level of the work plan, it's a pain. In reality, the cord is good 73 cm but it has a special storage under the baby station that I had not noticed. Shame on me then! Bébé Station de Badabulle, around € 75 in supermarkets and specialized stores. Product offered by Badabulle.


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