Trendy color associations for fall winter 2018-2019

Trendy color associations for fall winter 2018-2019

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A variation of green that evokes nature

At the end of the year, the greens are in the spotlight. From khaki to moss green, the interior universe takes on accents of undergrowth or meadow with notes subtly tinged with delicacy. These very vegetal tones hover a nostalgic breeze on the interior decoration, beautiful evocation of outdoor walks somewhat relegated because of imminent frost. We love these trendy greens which promise us a cozy winter in the heart of a pleasantly confined universe. Perfect for both upholstery and printed wallpaper that are coming back in force as for decorative objects, the leaf green and its other natural shades harmonize to delight with a powdery pink, no less in the wind.

Pink to soften the dead 2018-2019 season

And precisely, the combination of lichen green and rosewood is of incredible refinement. Pink in all its forms is one of the trendy colors for fall-winter 2018-2019. Easy to combine with other tones to create a romantic atmosphere or soften a dark color, it gives the bedroom, office or library a most charming boudoir accent. Star of many associations, the pretty pastel powder pink sublimates an icy brown, illuminates a midnight blue and gives a shades of greens a sensual note.

Ocher and dark red touches to warm up the decor

Very fashionable this winter, ocher and dark red are warm tones. They are used in small punctual touches to distill their vibrant and fiery accents in a discreet way or more widely to surprise. The ocher creates the perfect marriage with a dark brown but flirts without complex with a background of anthracite which largely deserves to be skilfully spiced. Ocher and dark red energize the metallic elements, vibrate a solid blue and enhance a decoration that is a little too wise. In the living room as in the kitchen, these two trendy colors give character to an environment both rustic and contemporary. In combination with black, the ultra cozy result is to die for.

Brown for an unexpected refinement

For fall winter 2018-2019, brown is on trend. At first glance, its sobriety bordering on coldness makes it a mysterious color that some people hesitate to invite under their roof. However, the brown is easy to domesticate, of an incredible docility as soon as it mixes with ivory, cream and pinkish beige. Exceptionally refined, it is suitable for all rooms, from the living room to the bedroom, from the office to the bathroom. A little touch of ocher or turquoise blue does not displease him and all the shades of brown evoke nature perfectly when combined with mineral or vegetable tones. Whatever the association chosen in the fall winter trend, do not combine more than three colors in one room. Create different universes to appreciate several combinations of tones. Also dare to use graphic notes and materials such as horn, velvet and faux fur.