I tested for you: the Sharp air purifier

I tested for you: the Sharp air purifier

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Tobacco, cleaning products, mold, animal hair or paints, the air in our interiors is loaded with invisible toxic substances that are harmful to our body. If I have the habit of airing my house every day, cleaning the house and dusting it at least once a week and using organic household products, it is clear that the pollution in my home remains even present. This is the reason why I wanted to test the Sharp air purifier which aims to combat domestic pollution by cleaning and purifying indoor air. Verdict in pictures!

Installing and starting the air purifier

I received the KC-A60 EUW air purifier from Sharp a few days ago. I must say that I was curious to know what the verdict would be once the device was plugged in. Was my home too polluted? Was it too full of moisture? To be clear, I connected the device in my living room, two meters from any equipment using electric waves, as indicated in the user manual.

I had previously taken care to fill the water tank with tap water and install the filters on the back of the device: HEPA filter and deodorizing filter which have the objective of capturing dust, reducing odors, pollen and mold. These formalities carried out, it was time to test the purifier.

KC-A60-EUW, a complete air purifier

What immediately appealed to me about this model: its ability to adapt to everyone's needs thanks to its three modes: -Clean air & humidify on used to quickly purify the air, reduce odors and humidify. -Clean air on to be used when additional humidity is not required. -Clean ion shower on which releases high density Plasmacluster ions and emits a strong, pleasant air flow for one hour. When the Plasmacluster is activated, both the Indicator and Plasmacluster lights are on. If the "Plasmacluster Ions" option is deactivated, the ions will not be released. When the operation is complete, the device reverts to the previous operation. A bit of a shame to note that the Purification by ion rain mode does not work after switching modes.

A model with a simple design

What really appealed to me: the possibility for each of these modes to choose the desired ventilation speed (auto, pollen, low, medium or maximum) thanks to the Fan Speed ​​button. But also the simple but yet effective design of the model. With four casters, it moves easily to quickly purify the whole house.

And who knows how to be discreet!

Due to its low noise level and its deactivable display, this purifier also easily finds its place in the bedroom. Finally, I really like the idea that the sensors, integrated into the device, continuously monitor the air quality allowing the model to automatically adjust according to the purity and humidity of the air detected. A model that I therefore recommend to you!


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