Selection of changing tables for baby's room

Selection of changing tables for baby's room

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Baby is coming and you still don't have a changing table? Don't panic, here are some tips and a selection of dressers to help you choose…

Think about dimensions

The first thing to do is to measure the baby's room and visualize the place to assign to the changing table. It should not take up too much space and leave enough space to be able to make large gestures.

Choosing the right storage options

Storage is the real advantage of a changing table compared to a simple changing table. It is important to have several storage spaces, whether shelves or drawers. But beware, too much storage kills storage! And you could get lost ... which is a bad idea when baby is waiting! So choose a dresser with a few drawers and / or a few shelves that will be easy to access and that you will quickly identify as to the objects they contain.

Harmonize with the decor of the room!

The changing table, like any other piece of furniture in the nursery, can take on a very appreciable decorative aspect. White, light wood, raw wood, taupe, the colors are often neutral and soft. Several brands also offer "ecological" furniture with certified wood, solvent-free glues and almost zero VOC emissions. We think of Castor and Chouca or the Franco-American brand Œuf, muse of young mothers / American stars, and available in France at File in your room.