5 lamps, 5 decorative styles for the living room

5 lamps, 5 decorative styles for the living room

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1. A ball lamp to ask for a minimalist living room

© Hübsch This is THE trendy light to adopt for fall-winter 2018-2019! Spotted in all decoration magazines and on the famous Maison & Objet trade fair, the ball lamp is a must in all fashionable interiors. And the decoration brands have understood this! There is something for everyone: with a marble or brass base (like this model), on a stand or even with two heads! But all have one thing in common: the bulb is tinted with an opal white and leaves no glimpse of any filament! A pure and simple lamp, as we like…

2. A suspension in vegetable fibers for an exotic living room

© Maisons du Monde Because all the reasons are good for continuing the holidays from your home… Brighten up your living room with sun and good humor with this tropical pendant light! Braided in vegetable fibers, this pendant light reminds us of a straw hat and brings a breath of fresh air to the living room. Anyway, this light is a great tribute to craft techniques and nature! For a bohemian and exotic-looking living room, think about accumulating lights by mixing genres: macramé, pearl chandelier, rattan pendant lamp, and lanterns…

3. A brass wall lamp for an Art Deco living room

© House Doctor Do you like the Art Deco style? That's good, it comes back, more than ever, on the forefront of the decor scene! And when it comes to finding a lamp suitable for this current of the 30s, you just have to bet on golden brass. As for the forms, the graphic and refined lines are de rigueur. For a more modern result, we fall in love with light bulbs without a lampshade ... Add a toad type armchair, velvet cushions, opt for intense and deep colors and voila!

4. A cane pendant for a retro chic lounge

© La Redoute Interiors What could be more retro than rattan? If you want to give a vintage look to your living room, the cane may please you! And for good reason, he dresses with finesse and subtlety the lights (and other decorative objects or furniture). This ancestral technique which consists in braiding the rattan cane has dethroned its old-fashioned image against a more chic vision! Look around in your grandmother's attic or browse the flea markets to find the cane lamp to install in your attic. And if recycling is not your thing, don't panic, caning is making a noticeable comeback in the decorative stratosphere!

5. A metal wall lamp for an industrial show

© Maisons du Monde Do you dream of a loft-style interior? So even if you don't have the chance to live in such an atypical space, nothing prevents you from adopting an industrial decoration! And in the living room, the lights have a special place for this decorative style. It must be said, we imagine them imposing and out of the ordinary. Like this metal wall lamp which gives pride of place to rough formwork, an emblematic characteristic of industrial decoration. Made up of a tangle of pipes, fittings, a decorative meter and can accommodate 5 bulbs, this light will have its most beautiful effect in your living room ... So, what does it feel like to live in a loft?