Tutorial: customize a wicker basket

Tutorial: customize a wicker basket

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I don't know about you, but I never have enough boxes, jars, or anything else that allows me to put some order in my closets and my interior. Recently, I fell in love again and set my sights on a pretty wicker basket which offers multiple possible uses: plant pot, laundry basket, children's toy box ... To integrate it perfectly into my decoration , I personalized it by adding a touch of white and gold. I love it… and my cat too! He immediately made it his new game basket. I show you step by step how to easily customize a basket and make it a unique object.


- A basket - A spray of acrylic paint of the color of your choice - Adhesive tape - Colorful thread: 2 x 5 meters of different colors - Glitter glue - A fine brush

Budget: less than 30 euros Duration: 1 hour - not including drying time


1. Stick adhesive tape over the entire diameter of the basket to delimit the area to be painted and obtain a clear demarcation. For simplicity, I applied small pieces of scotch tape which I placed end to end. This greatly facilitated the implementation.

2. Using the spray paint, spray the color evenly. If you have an exterior, take advantage of this step! This will prevent the smell of paint from permeating your home. Then wait at least 4 hours for the paint to be completely dry. It should no longer stick when you pass your finger.

3. Carefully remove the tape.

4. I added glitter glue along the paint line to increase the contrast. Depending on your taste, you can make one, two or even three layers, for more intensity.

5. We are coming to the stage where you will have to be patient ... But it is definitely worth it. Cut 2.5 meters of colored wire. With your thread, make a double knot at the base of a handle, while leaving a free piece of 5 good centimeters. Then wind your 2.5 meters of wire, patiently around your handle, before finishing with a new double knot, at the base of your handle, thanks to the piece of free wire that you left previously. Cut unnecessary wires. Repeat the operation on the other 3 bases of the handles, alternating the colors.

Your turn now ! All the options are possible: pastel colors, bright tones, stencils, ... We could even add a few small pompoms, pearls ... Let your imagination run wild and put all your love into it!

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