A deckchair to enjoy the sun

A deckchair to enjoy the sun

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We don't think about it enough, and yet, the deckchair is the essential accessory for a successful summer. Just for you, here is a selection specially dedicated to them, open your eyes!

The master object

Imagine yourself at the edge of the swimming pool, sipping a small glass to refresh yourself ... This seems to be an ideal program, only, if the seat in which you find yourself is not the image of this perfect moment , this holiday break may well be wasted. We focus on aesthetics to help you renew your exterior and emphasize this room necessary for your summer. The deckchair has always been the flagship product of the tanning session. First the Chilean chair for practical reasons (foldable / unfoldable), then the padded deckchair for the comfort side.

Varied colors and shapes

Let everyone be reassured, there are deckchairs to satisfy all tastes. If some prefer them in natural wood and sober color, others will probably want them in metal, modern and more colorful. The forms also vary enormously according to the models. The right idea? Stand out thanks to the customizable Chilean: we define its color, we choose its font, we write its text, and presto we receive its unique deckchair! We love dressing our outdoor space with beautiful garden furniture, and the deckchairs are undoubtedly one of them! Discover our selection of deckchairs for a comfortable nap:

1. Succulent folding chilean € 189, Bloomingville / 2. Foldable rattan sun lounger € 147.99, Weekly Deal / 3. Trendy customizable deckchair € 89, Factorychic / 4. Outsunny rocking chair € 174.90, Delamaison / 5. Falster sun lounger € 145, Ikea / 6. Maui chaise longue structure € 48.50 + Canvas € 4.50, Habitat / 7. Oléron sun lounger € 269.90 + Sunny gray mattress € 59.99, Maisons du Monde / 8. Duo of pink garden lounge chairs € 99, ​​Le rêve Chez Vous / 9.Grey hanging sunbath € 150, Alinéa / 10. Modern Chilean € 64.60, La Redoute