How to clean the joints of your fridge?

How to clean the joints of your fridge?

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Vegetables, fruits, yogurts, cheeses… Your refrigerator contains various types of food, as many foodstuffs that leave traces and dirty the joints of your fridge over time. Here are our tips and tricks for easy cleaning.

Keep your fridge seals clean

From dust to food juices, crumbs to sauce splashes, your fridge gets dirty day by day. So many small annoyances which in the long run cause molds and generate the proliferation of bacteria. In the long term, the accumulation of dirt affects the quality of food and therefore the health of your whole family.

Clean the joints of your fridge with white vinegar

The seals - most often rubber - are cleaned with the miracle ingredient that is white vinegar. Using a sponge soaked in water with vinegar, rub the joints and their grooves before rinsing them and then drying them with a clean cloth (it is not a question of adding bacteria).

Clean the joints of your fridge with toothpaste

Toothpaste is a very practical grandmother's tip. Take an old toothbrush and toothpaste and scrub the joints before rinsing them. Finally, the last important step, drying (to preserve the hermetic side of the joints and avoid humidity which favors the proliferation of bacteria). The toothpaste prevents blackening but also odors, which tend to remain trapped in the joints.

Clean the joints of his fridge with sodium bicarbonate

If you're missing toothpaste, opt for a mixture of bicarbonate and water. Make a paste of the two ingredients and follow the same ritual as with the toothbrush (scrub, rinse and then dry). Your seals are like new!


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