Outdoor string lights to light up your garden

Outdoor string lights to light up your garden

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Spotlight on the fairy lights

Often the garden decor is limited to the purchase of a table, a few chairs and one or two deckchairs for sunbathing sessions. However, to bring a decorative touch (and also limit the risk of falling when it is dark),night lighting is an element not to be overlooked outdoors.

This is where the outdoor light garlands. Indeed these decorative accessories have many advantages, since they are:

  • Easy to install;
  • Very affordable from a budget point of view (the models of basic outdoor lights are commercially available from 10 euros);
  • Ideal for creating different atmospheres in your garden in the blink of an eye: rural, tavern, romantic ... all tastes are allowed.
  • Available in a very wide choice of shapes (from the most classic to the most original) and colors (plain, colored, multicolored).

How to choose garden garlands?

If you want light up your garden with pretty outdoor light garlands, be aware that there are different parameters to take into account when buying to ensure you make the right choice. Particularly at the level:

  • The color of the bulbs of your garden garlands. It obviously depends on the atmosphere that you want to create in the latter after dark. Bright colors or more subdued, plain bulbs or multicolored garland ... you decide according to your desires.
  • The length of the light garland, to choose according to its location and its arrangement in your garden.
  • Type of lighting: halogen bulbs for powerful lighting, or LED bulbs for softer light? Knowing that LED technology is renowned for its ease of implementation, its incomparable lifespan against halogen bulbs, and especially its low energy consumption (very interesting for your electricity bills, especially if you like to take advantage of your garden in night mode). There are also solar outdoor string lights, which are recharged in a 100% natural and ecological way thanks to solar energy, and which start automatically at dusk.

To note: even if it makes sense, always choose models of light garlands designed for the outdoors to illuminate your garden. These are often more resistant, and above all waterproof: you can therefore leave them in your garden even when it rains.

How to have outdoor light garlands in your garden?

Remember this: unless you opt for an avalanche of garden light garlands, the latter will never offer sufficiently powerful lighting to be considered as direct lighting. It is therefore secondary lighting, perfect for creating an atmosphere or highlighting certain areas of your garden.

You can thus arrange the light garlands:

  • In an alley to mark it gently;
  • Around a tree, rolled up, to give it volume and create a nice indirect lighting;
  • On a terrace, in addition to wall lights to illuminate the dining area;
  • On a fence, in decoration mode.

Do not hesitate to supplement this lighting with other sources ofindirect exterior lighting, such as candles, oil lamps, lanterns, bamboo garden torches, etc.


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