How to create an arty style in a bedroom?

How to create an arty style in a bedroom?

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Hélène's question


The answer: Jackson Pollock inspiration and bright colors

Of course we can help you! If you like graffiti or tags and are a bit manual, you can take inspiration from graffiti that you find on the Internet. With a photocopier, enlarge the chosen motif and transfer it to your wall by tracing it, then paint it in its original colors or in yours. You can also work your lampshades with fabric paint, Jackson Pollock style by splashing it with primary colors. You can also paint the base of your lamps with strong colors, or make collages on a large canvas with reproductions that you like. A colored chair, a colored wall can also create a resolutely "arty" atmosphere in your bedroom. Attention however, it is important to make a choice and not to overload your room, it is a space which must also be resting. You too, send us your decoration question