Tutorial: a watermelon piñata to brighten up the summer

Tutorial: a watermelon piñata to brighten up the summer

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Summer is the time for children's games, parties and outdoor receptions. A watermelon piñata is a good way to bring a touch of joyful decor to your living room, your terrace or your garden. And if you fill it up like the Mexican tradition of confetti and candy and you arm the kids with sticks, it will become a fun animation and end the party in style!


- salvage cardboard (or cardboard sheets 2 mm thick and at least 80 cm wide which you will find in DIY stores) - scissors, a cutter - kraft tape (if you use classic scotch tape, you will find it difficult to fix your notched paper strips afterwards) - a ruler, a protractor, a compass - crepe paper (red, white, green) - thick black paper - white paper glue (which becomes translucent as it dries), a paintbrush - strong twine - a cutting mat

Budget: less than 10 euros Duration: 1 hour


1. Start by tracing your elements on the cardboard. You can use the model below or adapt the measurements to the size of the box you have. Use the compass and the protractor to create very symmetrical elements that will fit perfectly.

2. Cut all the pieces with a cutter and use scissors for the rounded part.

3. Cut large pieces of kraft tape and use them to fix the bottom of the piñata and the edges. Also assemble the curved part and adjust if necessary its length with the scissors.

4. Drill a hole in the rounded upper part (in what will be the "skin" of the watermelon) and slip a string into it. It will suspend the piñata when it is finished. Hang the string on a piece of cardboard, wood or some small flat object that will stay in place once the watermelon is hung.

5. If you are organizing a party with children, this is the time to fill the piñata with confetti, chocolates and small confectionery, preferably wrapped since they will fall to the ground during the game. If you want to make the watermelon as decoration only , go directly to the next step!

6. Close the piñata by taping the upper part. Reinforce the edges of your volume well so that it is solid, but without exaggerating so as not to overly complicate the task of the players who will come to demolish the watermelon with sticks!

7. Prepare your strips of crepe paper: cut the rolls into 4 cm sections. Notch these with scissors on 2,5-3cm. There are special multi-blade scissors that will save you precious time, but it is quite possible with normal scissors! Preferably wrap the strips of fringes made progressively over a scrap of cardboard to prevent them from becoming tangled and tearing.

8. Then apply the strips with paper glue. Depending on the areas to be glued, you can use the end of the tube directly or use a brush to spread the glue.

9. Start at the tip of the watermelon with the red crepe and gradually work your way up to the wider part. The glue dries quickly and it is not necessary to leave it on to advance your work. When appropriate switch to white and then green crepe to simulate the rind of the watermelon.

10. Once the body of the watermelon is finished, it's time to move on to the finishing touches! Ruffle the fringes a bit by passing your hand through them for a less frozen appearance. Cut out the seeds from the black card stock and glue them one by one, spreading them over all sides of the piñata for even more realism.

Your watermelon piñata is finished. You just have to hang it at your choice, in a place where children will have room to play and knock everything with a stick to access the famous candies, or on the contrary very high, out of reach, if you want to keep it long to brighten up your summer!

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