Wooden garden tables for the whole family from 99 euros

Wooden garden tables for the whole family from 99 euros

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Nature, friendly and warm, the wooden table for the garden is the envy of many of us. But if its price was often quite high a few years ago, it is democratizing to become today an accessible garden furniture. And it's not just the price that makes you want…

Design and aesthetics at low cost

For less than 100 euros, a family can now buy a wooden outdoor table. At Casa, Ikea, or Conforama, the family wooden table is in the center of the garden with prices varying from 99 to a few hundred euros (on average). A noble material par excellence, wood reflects an art of living by bringing an elegant and chic touch to the garden. Against the flow of modern and impersonal materials (PCV, resin, etc.), it reintroduces the warmth and conviviality somewhat forgotten in recent years due to the unrestrained race for modernity.

Spoiled for choice !

In terms of form, the family wooden table is mostly rectangular, even if there are still round, square or oval tables, sometimes with extensions. The materials are not to be outdone, with different types of wood used: we thus find eucalyptus, acacia or even teak, robust and resistant to outdoor climatic conditions. If it remains very aesthetic compared to its synthetic competitors, wood requires regular maintenance to maintain all its shine. Subject to the vagaries of the weather, it may deteriorate or take on a fairly dull gray tint. So remember to clean, sand and stain it every 2 years or so. Something new, some tables like the Vindalsö model at Ikea or Gili at Casa, combine wood and aluminum for a contemporary effect thanks to the mixture of genres. And for the space saving side, some tables are folding or extendable, to accommodate additional guests: place for barbecues with family or friends, with XXL tables! Finally for the ecological aspect, favor the FSC and PEFC labels guaranteeing wood from sustainably managed forests. Find our article on outdoor furniture: What material for garden furniture? Buy your new garden table at the best price thanks to our comparison service!

1. Extendable oval teak garden table € 349 Delamaison / 2. Exotic wood garden furniture € 269.95 OoGarden / 3. White stained wood table Angsö € 119 Ikea / 4. Applarö flap table € 169 Ikea / 5 "Dallas" relaxing wood garden furniture € 269 Habitat & Jardin / 6. Rio folding wooden table 159 € Cémonjardin / 7. Folding round table "Bistrot" 138 € Habitat & Jardin / 8. Monaco garden table 549 € Alice's Garden / 9. Rio oval table € 199 Cémonjardin / 10. Jakta garden table € 319.66 AMPM