Bamboo items throughout the house

Bamboo items throughout the house

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Since the bamboo boom in decoration, almost all objects have a bamboo model. The opportunity to rediscover this ecological decoration. Growing quickly and having multiple qualities, bamboo since it is used in the home, does not stop developing in different areas of the house. Appearing a few years ago in the kitchen with the Ekobo brand for example, bamboo is now present in very many brands in The dishes , salad servers or even the dishes . In the bedroom, bamboo is found particularly on small objects such as the clock radio for example. Bamboo screens are also quite popular. In the living room, multiple small decorative items can be made of bamboo such as vases, small boxes, magazine racks or even small seats. In the bathroom, we think of the dirty laundry basket bamboo, practical and aesthetic but also toilet accessories . Finally in the entrance, why not a bamboo chime for a Zen spirit?


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