6 tips to effectively clean up at home after a party

6 tips to effectively clean up at home after a party

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We all like to receive our friends, our family, organize small or big parties at home. The real constraints come when the evening ends and our interior looks like a real battlefield where food, bottles and drinks are scattered everywhere. To make storage and cleaning seem as insurmountable as possible, here are a few tips that simplify everything.

Prepare well

Like the evening, storage requires a little preparation. Provide a large stock of garbage bags, rubber gloves, a plastic bucket, an apron ... Everything you might need to store and clean.

Open the windows wide

No matter the outside temperature, start by opening your windows wide to evacuate any potential bad smell of alcohol (consumed in moderation), food, or even cigarettes. Then arm yourself with an apron and rubber gloves, it's time to get down to business.

Start with food

Start by throwing the food you do not want to keep in a large trash bag that you have doubled and put the leftovers in tupperware in the refrigerator. Typically, throw out the chips and other cookies that will soften over time and save your sister's delicious potato salad.

Tackle the dishes

To avoid spilling or breaking something, start by collecting all the empty glasses and rotate, if necessary, a first dishwasher while you tidy up the rest of the house. Soak the rest of the dishes. Then, armed with your glass bin and an empty bucket, tackle the remaining bottles. Empty them into the bucket and throw them in the trash. This simple little tip will save you a lot of back and forth to the sink.

Don't forget the laundry

If you used cloth table linen, sprinkle with stain remover the necessary napkins and tablecloths and run a machine. The faster you do it, the less time spots will have to settle.

The big cleaning

Finally, tackle the cleaning part. Start by polishing all the surfaces then vacuum the whole house before passing the mop. Above all, don't forget to take care of the toilets.