10 atmospheres of wall coverings for inspiration

10 atmospheres of wall coverings for inspiration

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If the walls of our houses are often painted, there are many other possibilities to dress them up. Wallpaper of course, but also decorative coatings, stone wall cladding or Tadelakt are options to explore.

Wallpaper: the comeback of a neglected covering

Apart from painting, it is the first choice of a majority of French people to cover the walls. And for a few years it has been on the rise! Original patterns, varied colors, multiple textures and a state-of-the-art printing system dusted the 1970s wallpaper to make it a very trendy and increasingly appreciated coating.

Decorative plasters: all the effects to decorate walls

Satin, matt, shiny, powdery effect ... almost anything is possible with decorative coatings. How is it possible ? Thanks to materials such as quartz, lime, stucco ... which give very specific effects to plasters. And on the style side, we have a choice. Industrial, Provencal, oriental atmosphere ... the creativity of manufacturers has no limits!

Wall cladding stones: the coating that rises ...

If the stones on the walls were once found especially in the countryside, they are today very trendy in a contemporary or even urban interior. White, brick color or even anthracite gray, the stones are not uniform and can be chosen according to the atmosphere of the room. Be careful, however, to reserve for large rooms because this coating visually shrinks the space.

Tadelakt: the sweetness from the Maghreb

A specialty of the Maghreb and more particularly of Morocco, tadelakt was traditionally used in hammams and bathrooms. The lime that composes it gives it a soft, satin and worked appearance that is more and more envy in our contemporary homes.


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