A sexy decoration to warm my interior

A sexy decoration to warm my interior

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For a touch of glamor in the decor, we put on some accessories representative of the feminine charm. Guaranteed sexy atmosphere! Naughty, evocative and even provocative objects are entering your decor. The scenography "Please Disturb" by Vincent Grégoire for Nelly Rodi on Maison & Objet 2010 had initiated the trend of overexposed intimacy and an excess of sensuality and eroticism. The sexy decor is now at home with furniture and accessories that are not cold in the eyes! The luscious lips of pin-ups materialize on the phone, on the sofa to represent sensuality. The mouth even becomes a work of art on certain paintings. The walls are also adorned with silhouettes of naked women or simply with sexy legs. And height of glamor, the armchairs carefully reproduce naked bodies, as if molded on real people. A decor more than suggestive. Discover our selection of sexy accessories:


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