How to install a stone wall facing?

How to install a stone wall facing?

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Wall facing stones provide a very warm look in a room. Practical advice to get started in installing this type of coating with Orsol. Before you start, you will need: - Facing stones. - Glue mortar. - Mortar joint. - A mixer. - A trowel. - A comb 9x9x9 cm. First of all, prepare the adhesive mortar using a mixer. Begin to lay the bricks on which you will have passed adhesive mortar beforehand around the doors or windows if there are any. Pass the adhesive mortar with a 9x9x9 cm comb on a wall section then place the stones (you can place them on the ground before to see which stones will position themselves next to each other). You can use small stones to fill in the empty spaces. Wait 24 hours for the adhesive to dry. The next day, prepare the attached mortar using the mixer. Fill the stencil provided with the attached mortar using a trowel and cut the end. You can then fill the interstices with the attached mortar. After 2 to 5 hours, when the joints begin to pull, use a wire brush to dig the joints. And now it's up to you !


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