The incredible vegetable gardens of the Incredible Edibles: join the movement!

The incredible vegetable gardens of the Incredible Edibles: join the movement!

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Altruistic and ecological, the Incredible Edibles movement is becoming a social phenomenon that is beginning to spread in Europe and around the world, to build a better world. His creed? "Plant, water, share" to create self-service vegetable gardens. Are you tempted? Perhaps you have noticed in a city that you know, planters filled with plants and with a sign that brandishes 'Food to share'? Or a space dedicated to the urban vegetable patch? It is a sign that a community of nature enthusiasts is trying to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. "Peas & love" (peas: "peas") and "Abundance, fruit of sharing" are other ultra-positive leitmotifs of the Incredible Edibles, encouraging the cultivation and picking of organic fruits and vegetables everywhere, everything on time and for free.

The Incredible Edibles, a revolution in progress

Created in England in 2008 under the name of "Incredible Edible", this movement represents 8 years later approximately 250 communities in the world and arrives in force in France. See on the site //lesincroyablescomestibles.fr all the communes which take part in this effervescence: the scale is such as it is indicated "This work of referencing (…) took much delay considering the spectacular development of the Incredible Edible movement in France, between 400 and 500 initiatives to date throughout the country! Many initiatives are not yet referenced, but will be soon ". We are no longer talking about simple gardening, but about a deep desire to change the model of society, by changing agriculture and therefore consumption patterns.

Put the fruit and vegetable culture back in the heart of the city

The city of Albi, which is one of the most exemplary models in France, is actively targeting food self-sufficiency from 2020. Its primary goal is to put the cultivation of fruit and vegetables in the heart of the city while recreating the link social, and to reorganize agricultural production so that 100% of needs are met within a radius of 60 km, thus reducing the carbon impact linked to the transport of goods. This participatory citizen approach also aims to secure supplies in the event of a food crisis and to ensure better quality of the products consumed. Concretely, Albi has already pre-empted 73 hectares of wasteland to make them available to market gardeners at the rate of € 70 per year per hectare; "In return, operators must commit to producing organic products and reserving their production for the local market". Finally, the last step of the concept, is to convince the city shops to buy from local producers to eat only healthy food, good and produced by the neighbors. In short, a great and futuristic bet that is being built little by little, to the rhythm of nature and the convictions of the participants!

The Incredible Edibles: a method, multiple objectives

Antoine Eberschweiler is the initiator of the operation in the Yvelines town of Bois d'Arcy, with the city's youth municipal council - the first actions were carried out in spring 2015: "The main objective is to go to counter-current of the big multinationals, he explains, to get out of the dependence of the world agrifood system, and to favor the revival of local farms. The Incredible Edibles movement is a method in the service of several objectives: this method is simply "Plant, water, share" translating into different actions ". For example, people can choose to grow fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs in front of their homes to share them with anyone, or participate in the establishment of shared gardens; work with the municipality may then be necessary to define the common green spaces made available. The objectives to be reached are these: "To make people aware of all the problems related to agroecology by encouraging reproducible seeds free of rights, respecting the life of the soil, consuming and producing locally to better control what we let's eat… Globally, it's about raising awareness of the importance of returning to the production of healthy food, so reconnecting with the nourishing earth. "

Use environmentally friendly practices

Inspired by the ideal model of forest land, the method implemented advocates agroecology or permaculture: simplified cultivation techniques, highlighting the life of the soil and the presence of insects, cultivation on mulch, in lasagna, use of BRF (fragmented rameal wood) or crushed wood, green manure and compost. Besides, you can also participate in the movement by depositing your fruit and vegetable peelings - preferably organic - in the collective compost in your neighborhood! Recreating biodiversity in the city also attracts insects and birds, thus enhancing the flora and fauna of the city.

The Incredible Edibles: highlight conviviality and natural riches

Happiness, in short! Because Les Incroyables Comestibles is also the art of opening your eyes to everything around us again: exchanges between neighbors, local resources ... and gardening together to produce organic food on the spot without it are overpriced. Children love to participate in these planting and plant care sessions, so of course, the goal is to spread the benevolent spirit of Les Incroyables Edibles even in the playground, so as to create a direct daily or weekly report with the mother earth. "At this very moment, several working groups are also organized at the national level to create tools that will support schools and leisure centers in this process, says Antoine Eberschweiler, and a new site dedicated to" Incredible Edible "projects in school environment has just seen the light of day: //increduc.lesincroyablescomestibles.fr (as well as the Facebook group INCR'EDUC) ".

"Patience and length of time / Do more than force or rage," wrote Jean de la Fontaine. A quote which illustrates well the sometimes hesitant beginnings of certain initiatives of the Incredible Edibles - certain citizens do not immediately grasp the interest of this concept, which goes beyond the simple fact of cultivating a vegetable garden: it opens a way towards a new model of society based on living things in the broad sense… "Les Incroyables Comestibles is 50% planting actions, 50% pedagogy", can be read on the dedicated Facebook page. Or even "Respect and benevolence (of the earth as of men) is at the heart of this movement". And then get back to the rhythm of nature, it is accepting again to wait for the right time to consume strawberries, to pick zucchini or beans. Reinstate the importance of long-term work, to reap its delicious rewards!

Learn more: //lesincroyablescomestibles.fr //increduc.lesincroyablescomestibles.fr