Appliances at Top Chef

Appliances at Top Chef

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It's confession time: yes I like Top Chef! Yes, I like to see his young cooks sweating blood and water to improvise a dish that will never be up to the jury's requirements anyway! Yes I like this demanding jury and I even like to hate Ghislaine Arabian! Calm down anyway, it is not yet February 14! For the blog, I wanted to take an interest in the household appliances which the candidates used. If you follow the program, you may have noticed that the program was sponsored by Beko . You can also play to win a Beko brand oven for the duration of this new season. However, after examining the backgrounds of the kitchen of Top Chef, I could notice that the appliances were not of the Beko brand so I searched the sites and in my memory to find some of them. Top Chef's refrigerators appear to be of the De Dietrich brand and I believe it is the DKP825X

Its handle helped me a lot, fortunately they are few to offer the same design. On the robot side, I do not think I am wrong either by writing that it is Magimix as well for multi-function robots as for centrifuges. So I bet for the Magimix 4200 XL for the multi-function robot and the Duo Plus XL for the centrifuge.

And at that moment I realize, while researching on the Internet, that M6 devoted a whole page to its Top Chef partners and therefore that I blew my eyes and my brain for nothing! In fact it was enough to go here to discover that the Top Chef knives are from the Zwilling brand, that the Top Chef pots are those of Greenpan and Demeyere, that the Top Chef cast iron comes from Staub or that the Top Chef table porcelain is signed Pillivuyt. And to think that I thought I had a scoop!