Decorative horoscope: a taste for travel for Aquarius

Decorative horoscope: a taste for travel for Aquarius

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Aquarians, like sagittarius, are travel lovers because they find the freedom they are looking for. It is also this freedom that guides the choice of its interior decoration: it will evolve in a voluminous and airy space loaded with objects and furniture that it will have gleaned during its stays abroad. But, always in the name of this freedom, he will feel as well in a monochrome and design interior, rather in blue, where he can give free rein to his imagination and take the look as far as he wishes without visual hindrance. Attention for 2011, no decoration purchase on a whim!

- His home

A barge, a loft, a riad, a place both spacious and inviting to travel.

- His favorite piece

The veranda, open to the surrounding landscape, like a call to leave!

- Its purpose

A piece of furniture by designer Karim Rashid, all in soft, monochrome lines, a kilim rug.

- His color

Purple, blue.

- Its decorative style

Under oriental influence, modernized version, a Thousand and One Nights spirit both chic and exotic with moucharabieh, colorful textiles, design under Moorish influence. Find the aquarius sticker on www.decoretto.fr