Decorative horoscope: the appeal of wide open spaces for Sagittarius

Decorative horoscope: the appeal of wide open spaces for Sagittarius

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An explorer at heart, the Sagittarius likes to cross borders. Lover of the great outdoors, he avoids everything inside that could block his view: partitions, walls or screens. He prefers verandas by far, the large picture windows that allow him to look towards another place. Faithful in friendship, he likes to receive his friends in an interior that will be cozy and warm. He also likes the unexpected, and a party with friends of friends does not scare him: on the contrary, as a challenge, he will endeavor to create a decorative atmosphere with little and a lot of imagination.

- His home

A loft, a large apartment, a large bungalow.

- His favorite piece

The library, because he is also an idealist who aspires to become a philosopher.

- Its purpose

A fake deer head trophy.

- His color

Blue, the color of the sea that promises the discovery of unexplored lands.

- Its decorative style

The Scandinavian trend befits his trapping spirit. Fake fur, raw wood, fake trophies from the North for a winter decor that is both exotic and cozy. Find the sagittarius sticker on