10 atmospheres around the Murphy bed

10 atmospheres around the Murphy bed

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At a time when we are sorely lacking in space, ever more innovative solutions are on offer to us in order to gain maximum space. Among them, the fold-away bed represents one of the most efficient proposals. Explanations. Faced with the rise in real estate prices, furniture manufacturers have developed a new movable bedding system that allows the bed base to slide. The bed thus disappears during the day to leave a cluttered living space and resumes its function after dark. Among the devices available, there are beds that take on the appearance of a library or wardrobe for the day and others that hide directly under the ceiling. This system provides a removable bed comparable to a real bed unlike a sofa bed or another solution of this type. And it's also very decorative, the bed now gives way to a piece of furniture with a very contemporary design. Faced with the growing demand for this type of bedding, certain brands have even specialized in space-saving furniture and furnishing solutions. You will find foldaway beds at Espace Loggia, La Maison du Convertible or even Bed Up. Also note that these beds can be made to measure to best suit your space. Discover 10 atmospheres around the Murphy bed to inspire you:


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