Towel folding: the flower

Towel folding: the flower

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Give your Christmas table some pretty flowers. But in fabric! And yes, folding allows multiple decorating ideas for your tables. Here is an original and decorative way to dress your Christmas breakfast table… Level: easy Completion time: 15 minutes Equipment : - 2 large colored sheets - 1 sheet in A3 format - 1 string of raffia - TOM Alinéa polka dot service - Ludde Ikea rug The most decorative : you can do the same with paper towels.

Folding in photos

Towel Folding: The Flower - Before

Take 2 sheets of colored paper.

Towel folding: the flower - Step 1

Place the white sheet of A3 format on a colored sheet.

Napkin folding: the flower - Step 2

Cut out the contours.

Towel folding: the flower - Step 3

Fold the sheet in accordion every 2 cm.

Towel folding: the flower - Step 4

Tie a raffia string in the center of the folded sheet.

Napkin folding: the flower - Step 5

Cut the edges at a bevel.

Napkin folding: the flower - Step 6

Apply double-sided tape around the edges to form a flower.

Towel Folding: The Flower - After

And There you go !

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