Electric slow cookers to monitor… children!

Electric slow cookers to monitor… children!

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There's nothing like a winter Sunday to slowly simmer a good, hearty dish like a stew! Unfortunately it requires some sacrifices like refusing the children to go make a snowman or postpone the visit to the museum or decline the invitation to jog with his (her) best (e) friend (s). "I can't, I have my pot-au-feu on the fire!"

Pot-au-feu or having fun, you have to choose!

This is when electric slow cookers make us look forward, a promise of a better future, a perfect world in which we can fully enjoy the snowball fight with the children without fear of it. burning smell (at best) or burned house (at worst). What are electric slow cookers really worth? Do they really give the same results as a cast iron pan for example? Are they really autonomous or do you still have to take a look? So many questions that will go unanswered because I don't know, that's it! But if I were to buy an electric slow cooker today, here is a selection of what seems to me to be the most interesting on the market.

1 The cheapest

Surprise! One of the most affordable electric slow cookers is from the Kenwood brand. The Kenwood CP658 is currently available from € 43, which is half of what this type of device usually costs. With a capacity of 6.5 l, it consists of an enameled terracotta pot which rests in a metal body fitted with an electrical resistance. This slow cooker also has a keep warm function but does not have a timer. We forget the snowball battle!

2 The little news

Seb recently released the Mijot Cook. With a capacity of 5.7 l or 6 people, it has two temperature levels (90 ° and 120 ° C) and a timer (from 2 to 20 h). A Boost function allows the temperature to be raised quickly if it is opened during cooking. The bowl is ceramic and there is also a keep warm function. On the Internet, it can be found from around € 113.

3 The most versatile

Here we will talk more about a multicooker than an electric slow cooker because the Simeo Delicook allows you to prepare rice, pasta, soups, steamed dishes, simmered dishes or grill function thanks to its 8 programs. With a capacity of 4 liters, the Delicook allows you to program the cooking time but also to make a delayed start (ideal for fat mat '!). On the Internet it can be found from € 150 and as Simeo currently reimburses you € 50 on the purchase of this device, it will therefore cost you around € 100.

4 The most transparent

For its part Riviera & Bar, we offer a slow cooker in tempered glass which allows you to admire the cooking of your dish (if really there is nothing else to do). It offers two temperature levels (85 ° for the low and 95 ° for the high). Without a timer, the Riviera & Bar QD240A has the advantage of being able to dissociate itself from its base and therefore to be presented directly at the table. Costs around 72 €.

5 The most chameleon

The Brandt Terracotta MIJ 220 B does everything to resemble our grandmother's Dutch oven but nevertheless hides an LCD screen allowing to display the cooking time. A two-position thermostat (looks like all slow cookers do the same after all) and a 0-10 hour timer. In terms of materials, we find ceramic again. On the price side, count around 68 €.


Well in fact I am not more advanced, except that it does not look as great as you might think. And in the end, I still don't know if we are talking about a slow cooker or an electric slow cooker!