Unusual Christmas balls for an original decoration

Unusual Christmas balls for an original decoration

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This year, a crazy wind is blowing on the Christmas balls! Put aside your classic balls and take out the big game with unusual balls that guarantee you an original decoration.

Balls with unusual shapes

This year, unusual shapes are invading the tree! The balls take turns of dogs, cats, fish, apples and even incandescent bulbs. You will understand that the ball must be of any shape except simply round. Besides, you will even find square models.

The balls with original decoration

The head of your animal close-up on your Christmas ball? This is the original idea of ​​Wapa which offers three balls that will remind your pets. And to push the personalization, you can create your ball with your own photos.

The dematerialized balls

A ball to decorate the tree? It seems too simple… This is why the designers imagine balls that no longer look like the idea we have of them. Caroline Lisfranc offers a ball with a message for the end of the year on one side and a mirror face on the other to check her makeup during the festivities. At Mimi Lou, the ball no longer takes a centimeter of space since it becomes a sticker to stick on the wall. And finally Atelier LZC has chosen to dematerialize the Christmas ball to make a screen-printed tablet. This Christmas promises to be one of a kind!